Thursday, April 05, 2007

Firefox Extensions Follow-Up

John's talk on April 3rd was incredibly informative and lots of fun. Not only did he talk about all the cool ways to extend our use of Firefox, he also managed to demonstrate many useful 2.0 sites such as and tumblr and Google Docs & Spreadsheets in the process. As an added bonus, the presentation even included a good discussion on the important topics of tagging and folksonomy.

John has posted about his Firefox presentation over on his blog at -- he even provides the link to the complete presentation as well as the information on how to access the list of extensions and plug-ins he demonstrated:

Anyone who wishes to see the presentation [which I wasn’t actually able to give, but it all worked out] can go to and log in as a guest, then visit the Top25 Firefox Extensions course in the course list. There are lots of other resources there you can peruse if you like, too.

We did have a technical glitch which prevented John from accessing his server, but he carried on liek a pro and did the full presentation without his list of links. Thanks John for all your hard work -- and we look forward to having you back again sometime soon!

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lemasney said...

Thanks again Janie - I had a lovely time, and I think we all had some fun. Just for the record, I'm certain that the technical glitch was mine, and it was a good, though unintended, counter lesson to my pulpit message of keeping your documents, services, and ideas online. When you're not able to get to your presentation because the server sneezed the wrong way, it's important to have the computer be where [at least a copy of] your document is, and not somewhere unreachable on the internet. It gave me a chance to tap into my spontaneity, at least. I'll post an update here in the comments when I make the audio of the presentation available. TTT@PPL rules!