Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We have moved "home" the library!

The Tech Talk blog has been relocated and we are now being hosted on our own servers. Please join us at our new location for announcements about upcoming talks and other news.

Don't forget to update your RSS feeds when you follow us to our new home. Feeds for the new blog are located at the following link:

Friday, August 03, 2007

Upcoming Tech Talk to feature Nanch Blachman of "Google Guide" fame.

Google Shortcuts
Tuesday August 7th at 7 pm
1st Floor Community Room

Google is so easy to use, why attend this presentation? If you're like many people, you use only a small number of Google's services and features!

Nancy Blachman, who taught computer science at Stanford University, will show you how to go beyond Google's deceptively plain interface and take advantage of many shortcuts and underutilized capabilities.

Nancy has been using Google since the spring of 1999, when it was less than one year old. She has written more than a half dozen tutorial and reference books, including How to Do Everything with Google, and she also maintains the popular Google Guide web site.

Read more about the talk and Nancy in Get Your Google On, an article that The Princeton Packet published on 8/3 that features an interview with Nancy about her upcoming appearance at PPL.

Hope to see you there!