Friday, September 22, 2006

Links and Notes for Web 2.0 Presentation

Three weeks ago, Pete Bromberg gave a great presentation that gave an overview of Web 2.o and the associated software and sites. It was really too much to cover in one presentation, which I knew from the start, so it looks like we will be having a follow-up session in the Spring (especially since Sophie Brookover was not able to present with Pete due to illness and she really has a lot to add to this topic). So, stay tuned for more on Web 2.0 at future tech talks.

In the meantime, Pete has been maintaing and adding to the wiki that he and Sophie set up for the presentation. So, if you missed the talk, need more handouts, or just want to review what was said take a visit to the PPL Tech Talk Web 2.0 Wiki.

I also got an email from Doug Dixon (a Tech Talk "regular") where he provides a wonderful link to his Notes on Blogging, Syndication, Podcasting, and Vidcasting. As Doug indicates in his email these "notes on Blogging & other Web 2.0 goodies ... help to define these concepts and put them in context". Thanks for sharing the link Doug!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links from the presentation and for the stuff from Doug Dixon too. Very useful.