Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Notes and Links from "Optimizing Your Computer"

Many thanks to Joel May --he gave a fantastic presentation tonight that was filled with many tips and lots of practical advice for how to keep your computer clean and running smoothly and effeciently. The audience had lots of great questions and he was able to provide solid answers for everyone.

The main content of the presentation (with lots of great screenshots) is hosted at the Ewing SeniorNet Computer Literacy Center -- just click here to view it or go to http://snipurl.com/optimize.

As a result of questions from the audience, Joel shared many other tidbits with us. For instance:

  • Consider using at least 2-3 spyware removers and run them each at least once per week. There are lots of good free spyware removers available and he uses 2 of them, but he also uses Spyware Doctor as he feels it is worth the investment of $29.95
  • Subscribe to the LangaList to keep current and get a great newsletter filled with advice and tips by noted computer author Fred Lang. It will be delivered to your inbox twice per week and is spam-free.
  • Be sure to visit Windows Update on a regular basis to make sure that you are current with your patches and fixes (especially if you have automatic updates disabled).
  • Smart Computing has some great articles on backing up your hard drive in the current (June 2006) issue. Visit your local library to read this magazine or read the articles online while they are available.
  • Consider carefully how you manage your cookies and know the difference between allowing 1st Party and 3rd Party cookies to be accepted. Consider using a "cookie crusher" product to gain total control of cookies.

This is just a sampling of the advice that Joel had to offer. I urge you to read the presentation if you were unable to make it to the tech talk tonight.

Oh, and one last link... after the talk ended Joel and I were talking about blogs and rss readers and he urged me to check out popurls. I did and I am very impressed. It has been bookmarked for what I am sure will be many future visits.

Next month's tech talk will be given by myself and Bob Keith. We will be giving an overview and review of the many fabulous "freebies" you can find online. Stay tuned to this blog for further details.


Jim said...

Thank you for the very informative blog. This was a great post with very helpful material... kudos!!!

Anonymous said...

Joel's a great guy and rsource. Need more publicity for these things.

Your supplementary tips are great, too
Many thanks.